These pages chronicle the hopes, fears, victories and defeats of a Skaven army as they attempt to carve out a place in the Warhammer world.  Skratbukket, and his trusty (if such a thing can be said about any Skaven) grey seer Grawlock, started their journey on the Island of Blood, in search of the Pepperpot of Doom.

Skratbukket was born a lowly Skaven but by some incredible stroke of luck he has been able to claw his way up to the top of Clan Asakusa.  He is now the unchallenged Warlord of this clan, helped in no small way by his cunning, trusty band of storm vermin and the foul magicks of Grawlock, the grey seer.  Grawlock, the reincarnated soul of a warlock from Azeroth, is a powerful magic user who causes ruin and destruction whenever he casts the spell.
Sometimes the enemy are fried to a crisp of blighted with plague, other times it’s his own side that suffer.  In any event, he is the linchpin of Sktratbukket’s army and a power to be feared.

“Squeak, squeak.” – Skratbukket

Race to the Pepperpot of Doom

The Skaven search the island for an artifact of power. After a series of inconclusive engagements where the rats run away, Warlord Skratbukket’s troop finally find what they are looking for – the Pepper Mill of Destruction containing the Pepperpot of Doom.

Extracting the Artifact of Power

They do battle to see who can gain control of this ancient source of power.


Skratbukket’s band have captured the artifact but can then outrun the vengeful Elves on their tail.

Lost in the Jungle

After making their escape, the Skaven take a wrong turn on the Underway and end up in the jungles of Lustria. Sktratbukket seizes the opportunity to plunder the ancient temples while remaining completely unaware that the Everqueen is plotting his downfall.

Land the Troops

The Elves bring their main forces to bear.

Battle for the Gorge

In a desperate bid to halt the advancing Elves, the Skaven strike early.

Ancient Ruins

The final showdown.