Skratbukket’s Army

Skratbukket was born a lowly Skaven but by some incredible stroke of luck he has been able to claw his way up to the top of Clan Asakusa.  He is now the unchallenged Warlord of this clan, helped in no small way by his cunning, trusty band of storm vermin and the foul magicks of Grawlock, the grey seer.  Grawlock, the reincarnated soul of a warlock from Azeroth, is a powerful magic user who causes ruin and destruction whenever he casts the spell.  Sometimes the enemy are fried to a crisp of blighted with plague, other times it’s his own side that suffer.  In any event, he is the linchpin of Sktratbukket’s army and a power to be feared.

This blog chronicles the ups and downs of this band of rats as they battle their way across the Warhammer world.

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