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Extracting the Artifact of Power

Skratbukket’s Troop vs. Cassy’s Elegant Guard

Location: Jingumae
Date played: 04 May 2013

After winning the Race to the Pepperpot of Doom, Skatbukket, the Skaven Warlord, had lost no time in sending some Clan Rats into the tower to extract the Peppercorn.  With this powerful artifact in his possession, he would be able make a deal with Clan Skyre and turn it into a super weapon.  Would his underlings be able to get hold of it quick enough so that they could all leave before the elves returned?

Meanwhile, Caladriel the Impetuous had limped back to report to his Prince.  Left for dead on the battlefield having been blasted with warp lighting, it had taken several hours for the mage to recover his wits. Seeing the rats distracted in a feeding frenzy to recover their lost energy, Caladriel tore his eyes from the gruesome scene and crawled back to his own lines.

Prince Althran Stormrider was extremely alarmed when he heard that his troops had been wiped out by an endless tide of ratmen. Trumpets sounded as the High Elf Prince called his forces together to recapture the Pepperpot. Leaping onto the back of his trusty Griffon, Sharpclaw, the elf prince made a brief but rousing speech. Sharpclaw beat his wings and flew into the air, leading the elven army into battle.

Scenario Description
The winner of the previous scenario starts as Defender in possession of the Pepper Mill but has yet to extract the Pepperpot of Doom.

Setup a number of swamp related terrain features on a 3′ x 4′ board.  Place the Pepper Mill 1′ away from the Defender’s edge.  A squad of at least three models (can be taken from an existing unit) must enter the Pepper Mill to extract the Pepperpot of Doom.  They need four turns of uninterrupted effort to remove the artifact.  This effort will be interrupted should the enemy be able to garrison the building.  The extraction effort can continue despite close combat or shooting casualties so long as at least one of the defending models remains inside the building.

Placement and rolling for first turn follow the standard rules.

The Defender wins if they can maintain uninterrupted occupation of the building for 4 turns. If so, play the Escape! scenario.  Otherwise, the replay the Race to the Pepperpot of Doom scenario with the Defender able to add 1d6x50 points to their army.


Skratbukket’s Troop

  • [WL] Warlord, Skratbukket (216 points)
    General; Dragonhelm; Shield; Warlock-augmented weapon; Dawnstone; Tail Weapon; War-litter
  • [F] Warlock Engineer, Fizzbang (128 points)
    Level 2 Wizard (Ruin); Warp-energy Condenser; Warplock Pistol
  • [CR1] 20 Clan Rats, Grokpick’s Clawpack (120 points)
    Full Command; Shield; Spears
  • [CR2] 20 Clan Rats, Slimetooth’s Clawpack (110 points)
    Full Command; Shield
  • [RO] 2 Rat Ogres (113 points)
    [MM] Master Moulder, Grindfang
  • [GR] 5 Giant Rats +1 Packmaster (23 points)
  • [DW] Doomwheel, Fuzzbang (150 points)
  • [WT] Warpfire Thrower (70 points)
  • [PWM] Poison Wind Mortar (65 points)

Total: 995 points

Cassy’s Elegant Guard

  • [AS] Prince, Althran Stormrider (391 points)
    Lance; Armour of Fortune; Griffon
  • [M] Mage, Caladriel (170 points)
    General; Level 2 Wizard (High Magic); Guardian Phoenix; Silver Wand
  • [LSG] 10 Lothern Sea Guard (155 points)
    Full Command; Shield
  • [SoH] 10 Swordmasters of Hoeth (180 points)
    Full Command
  • [ER] 5 Ellyrian Reavers (102 points)

Total: 998 points



The elves marched quickly with the Swordmasters of Hoeth on their right flank, Prince Althran Stormrider in the middle and Caladriel the Impetuous safely protected by a unit of trusty Lothern Seaguard. This time he came prepared with a magical trinket to defend him while using his two spells of Curse of Arrow Attraction and Flames of the Phoenix. He also carried a Silver Wand to allow him an extra spell but he forgot about it in the heat of the battle. The Ellyrian Reavers charged forward to engage the rats arrayed around the Pepperpot.

Three of the Clan Rats were already inside the Pepperpot trying to extract the Artifact of Power. The Giant Rats took up position on the right flank to misdirect the elves with the Rat Ogres close behind in the hope that they could slam into any enemy units that were out of position. On the extreme left flank, Fuzzbang readied his Doomwheel to repeat the carnage of the prior engagement. Next to him was the Warpfire Thrower and Fizzbang, the Warlock Engineer, with Warp Lightning and Howling Warpgale. Then came the depleted Clan Rat unit, a Poisoned Wind Mortar and the main unit of Clan Rats hosting Skratbukket on his war-litter.

Turn 1 – Cassy’s Elegant Guard


As ever, the elves reacted more quickly and secured the first turn. Charges were out of the question, so the army moved up and Caladrial prepared to cast his magic. Chastened by his previous experience, he cautiously called on the winds of magic and landed Curse of Arrow Attraction on the biggest unit of Clan rats. He then drew on more power but his cast of Flames of the Phoenix was easily dispelled by Fizzbang.

The Seaguard could see little of the enemy so the only shooting was from the Ellyrian Reavers. With their arrows benefiting from the magical guidance to the target, the horseback archers were able to kill a Clan Rat.

Turn 1 – Skratbukket’s Troop


Seizing the chance, the Giant Rats charged into the flank of the Ellyrian Reavers with the Rat Ogres following on behind. The Doomwheel moved up but the rats had yet to get up a full steam of pressure.  It ended up quite close to several of the Skaven units. Seeing what that infernal contraption could do, all the nearby rats hastily scurried out of the way, with Fizzbang placing himself between the main Clan Rat unit and its attached Poisoned Wind Mortar.

Fizzbang then gesticulated wildly and brought down a Howling Warpgale, stopping the Griffon from taking to the skies for now. It also made it harder for the elvish archers to hit wth their arrows since the contrary winds would blow them off target. Caladrial saved his power and let through the spell. He needn’t have bothered though, as Fizzbang – true to his name – overdid the next spell and cast Warp Lightning with Irresistible Force. Sadly, it then fizzled and turned into a feeble S2 strike on the Prince and his mount, causing no more damage than a couple of singed feathers. Meanwhile, the resulting Calamitous Detonation wounded Fizzbang, killed the only Clan Rat in range and wiped out the Poisoned Wind Mortar. With all his power drained, Fizzbang was unable to cast his other spell.

Now it was the turn of the Doomwheel. With the little rats running madly inside the wheels, three bolts of S10 Warp Lightning shot out at the Prince and his Griffon. Two hit home on the Griffon but sadly only multiplied into one wound each. An opportunity missed!

In the only combat, the Ellyrian Reaver and his horse were taken by surprise and so failed to damage the Giant Rats. In return, they tried to nibble the heels of the horse – but missed. As they charged and were in the flank, the Giant Rats won the combat but the Reavers had no problem reforming under the watchful eye of their general.

Turn 2 – Cassy’s Elegant Guard


In a rush to get to grips with their enemy, the Swordmasters charged into the Doomwheel and Althran spurred his Griffon to charge along the ground towards the smaller Clan Rat unit. It was an optimistic call and the Griffon could only stumble forward before coming to a halt in the middle of the battlefield. The Seaguard moved forward to get into range.

During the magic phase, Caladrial refreshed the Curse of Arrow Attraction on the larger Clan Rat unit harboring Skratbukket. Fizzbang let that through to conserve his power and successfully dispelled the much more deadly Flames of the Phoenix.

The Reavers couldn’t shoot as they were tied up in combat with the Giant Rats, so it was up to the more numerous Seaguard. The combination of long range, moving and Howling Warpgale overcame the benefit of the Curse of Arrow Attraction and no shots struck home.

Combat was a different story. Seeing their Prince stranded in the middle of the battlefield, the Swordmasters pulled out all the stops and pulverised the Doomwheel, turning it into matchwood. Just before it died, the grinding wheels managed to kill one of the Swordmasters. But that was little comfort as there were still too many of the feared elvish heavy infantry left standing and they were now free to charge into the much squishier Skaven front line. On the other flank, the Ellyrian Reavers easily killed all the Giant Rats but decided not to chase down their fleeing Packmaster.

Turn 2 – Skratbukket’s Troop


With a clear view of tasty horseflesh right in front of them, the frenzied Rat Ogres charged into the Ellyrian Reavers.

The Packmaster thought better of running off the table as he knew that Skratbukket would eat him alive. Instead, the lone Packmaster ran to get protection behind the Pepperpot of Doom. Maybe he could kill a fallen elf and emerge a hero after all.

Meanwhile, Fizzbang tried to cast Howling Warpgale but it was dispelled by Caladrial who played a very clever, though risky, strategy of using the minimum amount of power to dispel each spell. It didn’t quite work out though and Warp Lightning got through his defenses to hit the Prince … but only at S2. The net result was no more than another singed Griffon feather.

On the left flank, the Warpfire Thrower landed a perfect shot killing three Swordmasters and hitting Prince Althran and his Griffon for one wound each,  Luckily for them, these wounds didn’t multiply and all flaming panic checks were passed

In combat the Rat Ogres killed two Ellyrian Reavers receiving two wounds in return.  This was enough to panic the horse-elves who fled at great speed.  The Rat Ogre unit pursued, failing to catch their prey but they did manage to crash into the Seaguard instead.

Turn 3 – Cassy’s Elegant Guard


At last this was the chance that he was waiting for. The sorcerous winds had abated and Althran was free to engage with his enemy, the Skaven Warlord. As the Prince roared Charge!, his Griffon took to the skies and swooped into the unit of Clan Rats harboring Skratbukket. The Swordmasters took this as a signal to engage the other unit of Clan Rats. Unfortunately, they were too flushed with success from overcoming the Doomwheel and so were only able to stumble forward a little before their charge petered out.

Magic was a non-event as Caladrial’s view was blocked by a hulking Rat Ogre. Nor could the Elves shoot. The Seaguard were engaged in combat while the Ellyrian Reavers failed to rally and continued their rout.

In combat, the Seaguard focussed all their attacks on the Rat Ogres, killing the one in front of Caladrial and severly wounding the other. In return, the surviving Rat Ogre and it’s handler, Grindfang, managed to kill three Seaguard. However, the Skaven lost the combat and turned tail. The Seaguard held firm with the intent of peppering the remaining rats next turn.

Nearer the tower, the Clawleader, Grokpick – urged on by his Warlord – challenged Althran to a fair-ish fight. We will never know what cheating scheme Grokprik had in mind since Althran contemptuously skewered the luckless rat on his lance before Grokpick could make a move. This was not enough to win the combat though as Skratbukket was backed up by a large pack. There was a moment when Althran’s will faltered, but the Elven gods smiled on him and allowed him to reroll his failed break test.

Turn 3 – Skratbukket’s Troop


The Rat Ogres took heart and rallied after seeing their Warlord’s unit withstand the Elf Prince’s charge.

The Warpfire Thrower took aim and launched a powerful burst of green flames at the Swordmasters, slaying four. Unfazed, the elite elves kept their nerve.

There was no magic as Fizzbang was in no mood for hanging around and simply fled off the board.

Undeterred, Skratbukket squeaked a challenge at Prince Althran. The Prince no longer had the momentum of the charge and failed to score a single wound on the Warlord. The rat’s armour and the protection of his war-litter and magical stone blocked all the elf’s attacks. Glad to still be unscathed, Skratbukket let loose on the wounded Griffon with his Warlock enhanced cleaver and tail weapon. This was enough to kill the mighty beast and handsomely win the combat. Althran held firm, determined to strike down the rats’ general.

Turn 4 – Cassy’s Elegant Guard


The depleted Swordmasters charged into the Clanrats, making it this time. Caladrial, now free of the Rat Ogre, successfully cast Flames of the Phoenix on the main Clan Rat unit, killing three. Without Fizzbang, the rats dispelling was too weak to stop it. Next was the Curse of Arrow Attraction on the same unit. Sadly,the shooting was less successful, even with this help and the Seaguard only killed two more.

In combat, the Swordmasters lay about left and right. There were only three of them but they killed five Clan Rats while losing one of their own number who was pulled down by the more numerous rats. The Clan Rats lost the combat but held under the watchful eye of their general.

Althran, without his mount, was now in trouble. Again he failed to wound Skratbukket while taking a wound in return. With only one wound remaining, he panicked and fled. The rats pursued but failed to catch him.

Turn 4 – Skratbukket’s Troop


Seeing a change of victory, Skratbukket’s unit of Clan Rats charged the elf Prince, who was forced to flee again. Skratbukket therefore turned his attention on the Seaguard and successfully charged them instead, joined by what was left of the Rat Ogre unit. The Seaguard stood firm and shot at the charging rats, but only killed a single Clan Rat.

The Giant Rat’s Packmaster moved in to protect the rats inside the Pepperpot of Doom while the Warplighting Thrower moved up so it could take a shot if Althran or the Reavers decided to return to the fray.

Capturing the winds of magic, the rat army were able to dispel the Flames of the Phoenix.

In combat, the two remaining Swordmasters killed another rank of Clan Rats but were both overcome by the rats’ counter attack. Across the field, once the elves had struck first and killed a couple of Clan Rats, Skratbukket killed the elf mage while the rest of the Clan Rats and Rat Ogre decimated the Seaguard.

It was victory for the Skaven who were able to extract the Peppercorn of Doom and head back to their tunnels with the powerful artifact in their possession. Skratbukket squeeked with delight.


Althran hung his head in his hands as he watched the scurrilous rats remove the Peppercorn of Doom from the tower.  How was he going to explain this defeat to his Queen?  His mighty griffon had been shot out from under him. The Swordmasters had been whittled away by a warp lightning and then finished off in hand-to-hand combat with a tide of Clan Rats.  The Ellyrian Reavers had been decimated by Rat Ogres.  This just left the Seaguard to be overwhelmed by the rat horde.

He had to recover the situation and stop the Skaven escaping from the island with the magical artifact. But how?

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