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It is time to say Sayonara to Japan and start the next chapter. I take away many happy memories and a sense of achievement in being a key part of the team that established a new business for HAVI supplying 3,000 McDonald’s stores across Japan. Here are a select few

2018 Time to say ‘sayonara’

2017 New planning system implemented

2017 Running in support of Ronald McDonald House

2016 Team building in the beautiful Japan mountains

2015-16 New automated Hub/DC serving Kansai (West Japan)

2013-14 New automated Hub/DC at Saitama

2014 Launch of Network Healthcheck Toolkit, a collaborative effort across all McDonald’s markets in Asia Pacific

2013 Appointed to McDonald’s Asia Logistics Council

2012 Transition of management of McDonald’s supply chain across 3,000 stores

2012 Time to leave the UK and our floating home-away-from-home to take up a new position in Japan

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